Black Eye Tek

Black Eye Tek specializes in Nerf Score Keeping Games that work with all Nerf Guns, High FPS Blasters and All Foam Darts or Foam Balls for Nerf Play.

Black Eye Tek is Leading the Way with Nerf Gun and High FPS Blaster Score Keeping Systems.

Black Eye Tek develops and sells Nerf Score Keeping Target Games that include Nerf Score Keeping Target, Nerf Score Keeping Mod and Nerf Score Keeping App

Our Score Keeping Mods fit on any Nerf Gun or High FPS Blaster and will work for any Foam Dart Game Player.

All Scores are Transmitted to our Score Keeping App which installs on any Phone or Tablet.

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Black Eye Tek Nerf Score Keeping Systems come Complete and Ready to Shoot! You Supply the Nerf Gun and Foam Darts

Watch How a Nerf Score Keeping Game Works!

We also have a Commercial Nerf Score Keeping Target Game System made especially for Nerf Play Centers or Nerf Family Entertainment Centers.

If you have any Questions About Score Keeping for Nerf Guns or High FPS Blasters, Our Nerf Score Keeping Targets or Vests or Want to Add Nerf Score Keeping Targets to Your Nerf Play Center…CLICK TO CALL or Contact Us!… We will be Glad to Help!

Blaster Shot Nerf Score Keeping Target Game
Blaster Shot Score Keeping Game Kit
Blaster Shot Score Keeping Game Kit