About Us

Black Eye Tek is a company that Specializes in Score Keeping Products. We design, engineer and manufacture Score Keeping Targets, Score Keeping Vests and Score Keeping Systems for Both Nerf and Foam Dart Games and Get Ball Games.

Update: Blaster Shot Score Keeping Target Now Works With all Gel Ball Blasters and All Gel Balls (including GellyBall Systems)!

We believe Gel Ball and Nerf Games have to be updated to act and play like an Electronic Tag Game to Survive and Keep Customers Excited and Keep Them Coming Back.

We Know Gel Ball Players and Nerf Players want to Keep Score and Know How well they actually did in a Game.

We have been developing and producing Score Keeping Products for 10 Years…We understand Nerf And Gel Ball.

Black Eye Tek markets Score Keeping Products under the trade names of Back Eye Tek and Blaster Shot Score Keeping.

Our goals are simple and straight forward, We want to make Nerf Gaming and Gel Gall Gaming a True Game of Skill by allowing all Nerf Gun and Gel Ball Blaster owners to Actually Know If The Shooter Actually Hit the Target or They Didn’t… It is just that simple.

Black Eye Tek is Manufacturing Economical and High Tech Score Keeping Products that Work With Any Nerf Gun or Gel Ball Blaster and Transmit Hit Data to Your Phone and the Hit Data is 99% Accurate.

If you are looking for Score Keeping Products for Nerf or Gel Ball Games including Score Keeping Pods, Score Keeping Targets or Score Keeping Vests for Personal Use or to Incorporate into Your Nerf Game or Gel Ball Center Business...We are the one to Call!

Nerf Score Keeping Target Game
Foam Dart Score Keeping Mod
Foam Dart Score Keeping Mod
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If you have any Questions About Blaster Shot Shooting Target, Score Keeping Vests With Real 2 Way Score Keeping For Nerf Guns and Darts and Now Gel Balls or Gel Ball BlastersCLICK TO CALL or Contact Us!… We will be Glad to Help

Want to Add Blaster Shot Shooting Gallery to Your Nerf Play Center, Gel Ball Play Center or Carnival…CLICK TO CALL or Contact Us!… We will be Glad to Help!

Any Reference to Nerf does not indicate any Business Relationship between Black Eye Tek and Hasbro or any of it’s Affiliates. The Use of the term Nerf is only used as a Reference to Nerf Type Game