You Must See Nerf Score Keeping Target Work, Just Unbelievable

Watch a Nerf Score Keeping Target Work and See Blaster Shot Foam Dart Target Actually Displaying & Recording Every Dart Hit on Phone...(Now works with Gel Ball!)

See Real Time 2 Way Score Keeping Really Work!

The Nerf Score Keeping Target by Blaster Shot is the Nerf Target or Gel Ball Target that works with all Nerf Guns, High FPS Blasters and Gel Ball Blasters.

Gives Nerf or Gel Ball Shooters a Professional Grade Target for a very affordable price.

Watch Score Keeping Target In Action (works same with Gel Balls)

Watch Blaster Shot Target

  • Count Every Foam Dart Shot (works same with Gel Balls)
  • Flashes Bright White When Target Is Successfully Hit
  • Shows IDs of all Nerf Shooters
  • Show Game Time Counting Down
  • Shows Which Shooter Hit Target
  • Shows Which Target a Shooter Hit
  • Has Sound Effect Every Time Target Is Hit
  • Displays Each Dart Hit and Score On Phone

The Best Part is, This Score Keeping Target for Nerf or Gel Ball by Blaster Shot is a complete Target Shooting System. Check Out All All the Stuff You Get Listed below

Score Keeping Target for Nerf or Gel Ball

Nerf Score Keeping Target System
Nerf Score Keeping Target System

Score Keeping Mod fits Gel Ball and Nerf Blasters

Nerf Score Keeping Mod

Score Keeping App works on Phones & Tablets

Nerf Gun Score Keeping Phone App
Nerf Score Keeping Phone App

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