Watch 30 Seconds of Intense Foam Dart Blasting… You Got To See It

Blaster Shot Score Keeping Target Demonstration

Make Sure You View In Full Screen to See All the Functions!

We want you to Watch 30 Seconds of Intense Foam Dart Blasting on the Blaster Shot Score Keeping Target…You will be Hooked!

This Is The Nerf Game to Play when You Have No Nerf War to Go To!…Get Ready for Some Intense Foam Dart Blasting

Blaster Shot Score Keeping Target works with All Nerf Guns and All custom High FPS Blasters…With No Trigger Modifications!

This Score Keeping Target for Foam Darts Tracks & Records all Good Hits and All Bad Hits by up to 10 Shooters in a Game

The Best Part is, All Hit Data Shows on Your Phone…So Everyone Knows the Score!

If you have any Questions About Score Keeping for Nerf Guns or High FPS Blasters, Our Nerf Score Keeping Targets or Vests or Would Like to Add Nerf Score Keeping Targets to Your Nerf Play Center…CLICK TO CALL or Contact Us!… We will be Glad to Help!

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