10 Nerf Score Keeping Vests

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Nerf Score Keeping Vests are Ideal for any Nerf Play Center and These Hybrid Score Keeping Vests also work with Gel Balls, Gellyballs, Bazooka Balls and Archery Tag Arrows


Blaster Shot’s 10 Nerf Score Keeping Vests kit is a Great Way to Add More Excitement to your Nerf Play Center.

Your Nerf Players Will Know if They Actually Hit Another Player because Vest Flash and Light Up Brightly When Hit.

These Nerf Score Keeping Vests Count and Display Every Hit to TV or Monitor…This Keep Spectators Involved Player More Excited because they Know a Hit was made.

What is Unique About Blaster Shot Nerf Score Keeping Vests?…The Vests Have a Hybrid Score Keeping System that also Works with Gel Balls, Gellyballs and Archery Tag Arrows.