Nerf Score Keeping Game Score Card

All Nerf Gun Target Shooter Game Information is displayed to the Nerf Score Card by Score Keeping Phone App to Phone, Tablet or Computer. Wirelessly!

Score Card Images are displayed in Real Time by Blue Tooth Wireless Connection to Your Phone or Tablet

Nerf Gun Score Keeping Phone App
Nerf Gun Score Keeping Phone App

Check Out the Detailed Nerf Game Score Cards…These Score Cards cover every Detail of Nerf Shooting Game

1st Screen

App Finding Available Shooters & Target

2nd Screen

App Found 2 Shooters & Target

3rd Screen

Choose Game You Want To Play on App

4th Screen

Choose Time Length of Game

5th Screen

Press Start Game On App

6th Screen

App Now Displays all Game Info

Blaster Shot Score Keeping Card - Screen 4