Nerf Gun Score Keeping Target Game

The Blaster Shot is a Nerf Gun Score Keeping Target Game and is a Complete Nerf Gun Electronic Score Keeping Game

Blaster Shot Nerf Gun Target Shooting Game Includes:

  • Score Keeping Phone App (give exact shooting game details on your phone)
  • Bolt On Score Keeping Mod (bolts on to any Nerf Blaster)
  • Electronic Score Keeping Target (works with Nerf Darts and Nerf Balls)
  • Low Price
Nerf Score Keeping Phone App displays all Nerf Target Game info to Phone

Blaster Shot Score Keeping Phone App

Bolt On Score Keeping Mod Fits all Nerf Guns

Blaster Shot Bolt On Score Keeping Mod

Nerf Score Keeping Target is large and Shows every Nerf Hit

Blaster Shot Score Keeping Target for Nerf

The Blaster Shot Score Keeping Nerf Target Game gives every Nerf Player a true perspective of how good a shot they really are and how well their Nerf Blaster really shoots. Works Great with High FPS Nerf Blasters!

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