Nerf Blaster Mod

Foam Dart Score Keeping Mod
Nerf Blaster Score Keeping Mod

The Nerf Blaster Mod By Blaster Shot is the only Nerf Score Keeping Mod and is designed to work with Any Nerf Gun on any High FPS Blaster

This Nerf Blaster Mod

The Nerf Blaster Mod by Black Eye Tek makes shooting Nerf Darts or Nerf Balls Exciting…Why?

Because Every Nerf Shooter in the Nerf Game knows Exactly How Accurate their shots were and Exactly how well their Competitors did

This Nerf Blaster Mods Really Work!

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Any Reference to Nerf does not indicate any Business Relationship between Black Eye Tek and Hasbro or any of it’s Affiliates. The Use of the term Nerf is only used as a Reference to Nerf Type Game