It’s Easy To Set Up A Foam Dart Target Game

It’s Easy To Set Up A Foam Dart Target Game..It takes about 1 minute for any Nerf Player to Set Up A Game with up to 10 Players Shooting.

Blaster Shot… does all the hard work for you… with a few clicks you are ready to shoot Nerf Darts!

After Score Keeping Mods are turned on and Score Keeping App is open on your phone, Blaster Shot Does the following:

  • Automatically Finds all Nerf Players and Registers them to Game
  • Automatically Finds all Blasters and Registers them to Game
  • Automatically Finds Target and Registers it to Game
Foam Dart Score Keeping Game Set Up

This is how to Set Up Blaster Shot Target Game If you Prefer Text Instructions

  • Turn on Black Eye Score Keeping Mods
  • When Eye is turned on Blue Light Flashes to show they are on
  • Now open the Black Eye Score Keeping App up on your phone
  • The app will immediately scan for all Shooters and Targets
  • Green Light on Mod Will Flash when Shooter is discovered
  • Mobile App automatically registers all shooters
  • Mobile App register target
  • Next choose length of game
  • Choose Length of Game
  • Then Choose Game (you have 3 games to choose from)
  • Now Start the Game
  • The Mods on the guns will give a green flash and the target will flash to show game has started
  • The Score Card will now show on your phone
  • You are ready to shoot

If you have any Questions About Score Keeping for Nerf Guns or High FPS Blasters, Our Nerf Score Keeping Targets or Vests or Would Like to Add Nerf Score Keeping Targets to Your Nerf Play Center…CLICK TO CALL or Contact Us!… We will be Glad to Help!

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