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Have you Seen the New Foam Blaster Games by Blaster Shot?

Our Foam Blaster Game is a Nerf Target Shooting Game that Features 3 Different Shooting Games built in to a Professional Style Target Range.

Foam Blaster Game
Foam Blaster Game by Blaster Shot

Blaster Shot Foam Blaster Game includes 3 Nerf Shooting Games that work with all Nerf Guns and All High FPS Blasters Plus Displays & Records the Score of Every Nerf Shooter on Phone…In Real Time!

  • Random Shot – this shooting game is for Everyone who likes to shoot Nerf Darts
  • Stop Lite – this shooting games forces shooters to aim well and only hit a certain moving target
  • Double Tap – this shooting game requires Fast Shooting and Real Accuracy

These Foam Blaster Games now work with Gel Ball, Gellyball, Bazooka Ball and Archery Tag Too!

Check Out How Each Foam Blaster Game Works by clicking on The Game…They are all fun play!