Foam Blaster Games, Have you Seen the 3 Hot New Foam Blaster Games?

The 3 Newest Foam Blaster Games are Target Shooting Games that are included in Blaster Shot Foam Dart Score Keeping Game.

Foam Blaster Game
New Foam Blaster Game includes 3 New Shooting Games

Blaster Shot Foam Dart Game includes 3 Nerf Shooting Games that work with all Nerf Guns and All High FPS Blasters.

The Shooting Games included are:

  • Random Shot – this shooting game is for Everyone who likes to shoot Nerf Darts
  • Stop Lite – this shooting games forces shooters to aim well and only hit a certain moving target
  • Double Tap – this shooting game requires Fast Shooting and Real Accuracy

Check Out Random Shot Foam Blaster Game

Check Out Stop Lite Foam Blaster Game

Check Out Double Tap Foam Blaster Game