Get Nerf Score Keeping with Black Eye Tek

Get Nerf Score Keeping for Nerf Games with our Nerf Score Keeping Targets, Nerf Score Keeping Mods and Nerf Score Keeping Apps

Black Eye Tek Keeps Score for all Nerf Guns, High FPS Blasters and All Foam Darts or Foam Balls for Nerf Play.

Nerf Score Keeping Target
Nerf Score Keeping Target

We are Leading the Way in scorekeeping technology because we keep score for all Nerf Guns and High FPS Blasters .

Black Eye Tek develops and sells Nerf Target Systems that include Score Keeping Target, Nerf Mod and Score Keeping App that make sure every player knows the exact score of a game.

Nerf Score Keeping Game
Nerf Score Keeping Target

Our Scoring Target is one of Largest Targets on Market with a Size of Target is 22 inches x 13 Inches with 6 inch x 6 inch Lighted Target Areas.

This Scoring Target is heavy duty which means it will stand up to Shots from Regular Nerf Guns but most importantly High Impact Hits from High HPS Blasters. See Target Size Closeup and Compare!

Nerf Score Keeping Mod
Nerf Score Keeping Mod

Our Blasters Mods fit on any Nerf Gun or High FPS Blaster so they will work for any Foam Dart Game Player. Black Eye Tek Keeps Score for Nerf Games

With this Nerf Target Mod…you will know exactly how Every Nerf Shooter is doing…all the time! See Score Keeping Installed On Blasters

Get this, All Scores are Transmitted directly to Your Phone by our Score Keeping App and the best part is, they work with any Phone or Tablet.

Nerf Score Keeping System
Nerf Score Keeping System

ALL Nerf Score Keeping Systems come Complete and Ready to Shoot!…Here’s what you Get!

  • Blaster Shot Target
  • Blaster Shot Mod (fits any Blaster)
  • Blaster Shot App (works with all Phones)

You Supply the Nerf Gun and Foam Darts and We will Supply the Excitement.

Watch How our Nerf Score Keeping System Works!

Check Here For More Details about Nerf Score Keeping System and Video Demo

By the way, We also have a Commercial Nerf Score Keeping Target Game System made especially for Nerf Play Centers or Nerf Family Entertainment Centers.

If you have any Questions About Score Keeping for Nerf Guns or High FPS Blasters, Our Nerf Score Keeping Targets or Vests or Would Like to Add Nerf Score Keeping Targets to Your Nerf Play Center…CLICK TO CALL or Contact Us!… We will be Glad to Help!

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